Dr. Christine VanderWoude

Board Certified:
Holistic Health Practitioner by AADP
Integrative Health by AAIM
Doctor of Natural Medicine by BNMDP
Doctor of Humanitarian Services by WONM

Marissa Brand

BS, BHS, HHP, PhD Student
Board Certified: Holistic Health
Practitioner by AADP

We had been on a long journey of trying to find health answers for our young daughter, exhausting most traditional medicine practices. Through the years, we encountered some very caring medical doctors who tried to find answers but were unsuccessful. We also had the occasional doctor who said he couldn’t find anything, so there must be nothing wrong. The reality was that we had a very sick child. She was continually getting more sick and was always nauseous and having a difficult time eating. The diagnosis we finally receivedjust didn’t offer enough answers.

We were fortunate to have CyberScan introduced to us through a chiropractor. The technology was so different and new. We found it hard to believe that the therapy could be so helpful. We went to work asking questions, researching and educating ourselves to learn more. Because quantum physics has always been a subject of interest, it began to make sense. We decided to have our daughter scanned and pursue therapy.

The results of the initial scan were shocking and made my jaw drop. The results showed that she had suffered a head injury which had caused severe trauma to her brainstem and cranium. When we asked our daughter about it, she said that she knew exactly when it happened, but she never said anything because there were no outward signs of injury. She had been about nine years old at the time of the injury. She was 22 when she had her initial scan. We started to see improvements right away. It didn’t seem possible that she would have results so soon. The truth is, it does work that quickly! However, not everyone sees results that rapidly. It begins with the very first drop of imprinted water… even if there is no detectable change right away; every single person is completely unique in their health and healing.

We are helping people realize improved health and increased quality of life. We believe that everyone deserves the right to be healthy. Our family is now a healthy family who simply wants to help others who would like to enjoy improved health.

This process addresses all of the imbalances in the body – not just the diagnosed ones. For this process, diagnosis is not needed or required since it makes no difference in the outcome. The therapy focuses on the entire body and making everything balanced. Once the balancing occurs and the toxins are removed, the body takes over and does the healing.


DISCLAIMER: Quantum Doctors does not make any claims to diagnose, treat or cure disease or illness; nor is it intended to be presented or construed in any way, as a substitute for Professional Medical, Surgical or Psychiatric Care or Treatment. Diagnosis is in no way required in order to aid the body in regaining its ability to heal itself. Any healing that does occur is solely done by the individual body.

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